What is TCKI?

Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are an important part of the fellowship. The TCK program includes approximately 1,500 third culture kids from birth through age 22. All are or will face major adjustments as they leave behind the familiar to go to the unfamiliar. We have found that TCKs handle these adjustments better if we offer them a sense of meaning and purpose regarding their role in the family.

First, TCKI EQUIPS TCKs as workers called to reach their own generation. We assist with cultural training, education, retreats, discipleship, and life transitions. Families are more effective if the children are equipped educationally, emotionally, and spiritually to handle the challenges they will face.

Second, TCKI ENGAGES TCKs completely in global impact. They are an important part of the Fellowship. TCKs are engaged in discipleship and in missions. TCKs handle adjustments better if we offer them a sense of meaning and purpose regarding their role in the family, understanding that the Father calls the entire family not just the head of the household.

Third, TCKI ENABLES parents to fulfill their service by providing support in an area where a family is often vulnerable. When an TCK struggles with educational, cultural, and spiritual adjustments, the parents’ energies are divided between their sevice and the well-being of their family. We provide programs and resources specifically designed for TCKs to help them through transitions. By helping TCKs establish an identity rooted in the Son, we not only free parents to do their service effectively but also multiply their efforts by encouraging TCKs to share in their family’s vision for global impact.

You too can better care for the fellowship families you support by caring for their children. We hope this site will encourage you to become better acquainted with TCKs so you can touch their lives.