TCK Schooling Funds Information

Budgets & Education

Your Education Budget

As you plan your missions budget, it is important that you do some research for your child’s education costs. Once you have chosen a schooling type for your child, your Area Director should be able to provide a rough amount for schooling costs. We recommend that you add extra funds in your budget in addition to tuition costs to fully cover your child's education costs. For example there may be additional costs for things like extracurricular activities, field trips, school fees, language study, and application costs.

Most cost information should be readily available on the school's internet site or by emailing the school directly. Our minimum recommendation for education costs is $3,000 per year, per child. This amount may be greater depending on tuition costs per school, but we do not recommend you budget below this amount.

Homeschooling costs can be different than traditional school options. It is important that you communicate with your Area Director and/or Regional Director about what education supplies are covered in your budget. Some costs you may be approved to include in your homeschooling budget include: curriculum and shipping costs, customs/import duty charges, computer, DVD player, extracurricular activities, internet for online school, etc. You want to make sure you budget enough for each child and all the costs associated with homeschooling. Keep in mind that even if you have homeschooled in the US, your costs will most likely be higher teaching in the same format overseas.

Consult your AGWM Missions Manual and Regional Office for the most up-to-date policies on education expenses. You should plan several months before moving to or from the US what type of schooling option you will choose for your child and research needed information to enroll them in school either prior to, or upon your return.

Education During Itineration

Before returning to the US it is important that you make a plan for your child's education during itineration or any long-term stay in the US.

If you have been homeschooling your child while living overseas you may choose to continue homeschooling during itineration. However, you may be responsible for homeschooling costs out-of-pocket while residing in the US.

If your child has been attending a national school it will be important to prepare them for the transition to a US public school if you choose that option. Your child will need to be able to read, write, and speak fluent English to enroll in the US public school system.